Emma Paul Bio,

Emma Paul lives happily in Connecticut with her husband, daughter and a very pampered Himalayan cat named Chyenne. She loves creating the fantastical tales that seem to manifest every second of every day within the confines of her mind.  Emma loves writing and sharing her imagination with anyone willing to read or listen to her stories. She is passionate about her writing and loves pushing the limits if her imagination. Erotic romance is her favorite genre. Combined with her love of fantasy and science fiction, she found her calling. Her entertaining tales are hot, fun and wildly creative.

Emma is currently published with Renaissance E Books and their imprint Sizzler Editions.

Her Works Include,

Soulmate’s Touch– Erotic Paranormal Romance- Sizzler Editions (First book in the Gargoyle Soulmate Series)

Kaden’s Breeder – Erotic Science Fiction Romance- Sizzler Editions (First book in the Galactic Breeders Series)

Prisoner of Darkhaven – Fantasy-Erotic Romance Fairytale- Sizzler Editions

Prisoner Of Darkhaven,

“ With all of the shows and movies about the beloved children’s fairy tales, the Prisoner of Darkhaven offers an erotic flavor for a classic. Damien’s character is everything I think a demon would be in human form, and when his demon persona comes to the surface I was still able to see and feel the sexuality. Elise is a very headstrong and independent character who just happened to be in a bad situation. I loved that Elise didn’t shrink in fear when Damien showed his demon self or when the goblins were around. The sex between Damien and Elise is very hot, spicy, dirty…and did I mention hot and just plan old sexy as heck.”

Prisoner of Darkhaven is a very fun book that will have you searching for your very own demon.”  Just Erotic Reviews

Soulmate’s Touch,

“There is just one word for Ms. Paul’s Soulmate’s Touch…juicy!  From the first page to the last, it keeps the reader enthralled.  Soulmate’s Touch demands the reader’s full attention.  One skipped page and you’ll be lost.  It’s not often that you see this level of complexity in the erotic romance genre.  This felt more on par with something written by leading authors in the mainstream suspense genre.”

“Brava to Ms. Paul for reminding readers that erotic romance isn’t just about the bump and grind, but about the journey the characters take to earn their HEA!  Soulmate’s Touch was a joy to read and very deserving of a JERR Gold Star Award.”

–T.S. Peters, Erotic Romance Reviews

Kaden’s Breeder,

“This story is a rocking 18+ read 🙂 A woman gets abducted by aliens from Earth, she is then cleaned and prepared to be in a breeding event. Stupidity she leaves the path made for the females to run on and ends up in danger, but wonderfully the man who decided to make her his came to her rescue 🙂 The man who rescued her is apart of a planet that has no females any more, so they rely highly on the breeder event to find fertile females to have their young. Talk about hot aliens, they are drool worthy in many ways 😀 God why can’t all males have those Dredlocks 🙂 You will see what I mean”

–Amazon Customer—Review by Beth


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